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Questions about your wedding dj?

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Rugby Discos' faq's

These are the most common questions my clients ask me on a regular basis. remember it is you're event but I hope these questions give  you the confidence to book our services.

As an award winning professional dj, i have over a decade of performances under my wing. i've performed at weddings with guest sizes from 30 to over 400.

in 2023 I performed at over 80 events across the UK. to date i've performed at over 500 weddings and events, and over 100 appearances in nightclubs in my home town of Rugby. of these events, in 2022 15 or so qualified for votes in the National Wedding awards, and in 2023 almost 30 qualified. I work with other DJ agencies to get me out DJing because it is honestly just the best!

I specialise in a wide range of genres, and i call myself an "open format" dj. this means i am able to play most genres of music, but i specialise in commercial dance, r&b and pop party music from the 90s and early 00s as that was what i grew up listening to.

Yes, I can provide a list of my most commonly played music at weddings. i am also an advocate of making your wedding yours by playing a list of your favorite dance songs based on your preferences.

if a song request doesn't fit the mood of the wedding, for example drill music or excessive swearing music when the client wants 80s and 90s cheese for example. i will politely decline and suggest a request that fits the remit the clients have given me.

i arrive a minumum of 90 minutes before the performance is due to start, ensuring everything is setup and ready in time. i co ordinate with venue staff, other vendors and say hello to the happy couple to let them know i'm here to ensure your experience is smooth and stress free.

i dress professionally and appropriately for weddings, typically in formal attire that matches the style and them of the wedding.

yes, i offer a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of my services, as well as pricing and payment details.

it's reccomended to book me as early as possible to ensure availability. but i can sometimes accomodate last minute bookings depending on my schedule.

my standard dj package involves performing from 7pm and finishing at midnight.

my pricing varies depending on the event from £500 to £1995, the average fee clients pay for DJ services is £750, with added extras for photobooths, sax players on top of this fee.

i create smooth, creative transitions between songs, using a multitude of mixing techniques. this ensures a seamless flow of music that keeps the energy high and the dancefloor full!

if there are any technical difficulties, i work quickly to resolve. the most common one i face is sound limiters cutting out when the crowd cheer too loud. if this happens the system has to be reset and then the party can continue. the other technical issues that come up arise before the start time of the performance, so these are reolved prior to anyone knowing about it.

whilst i am open to playing a wide range of music genres, i do have certain restrictions on explicit or offensive content that may not be appropriate for a wedding setting.

i keep as many dancers on the floor as possible by reading the room, and ensuring music is played that caters to the tastes of the majority of the guests present. I also welcome requests so don't be shy come and say hello!

yes i am more than happy to take song requests from the guests. i fit them into the playlist and mix them in a way that fits in with the vibe of your wedding

I carry a backup speaker system, a backup music player system and a backup microphone to cover virtually all bases. my backup speaker and my mood lighting is battery powered, so even in the event of a power cut the show can go on!

yes i have 10 million pli to protect myself against any accidents or incidents.

yes, please click here to see my lovely testimonials from past clients.

my cancellation policy is outlined in the contract, but generally involves a certain amount of notice and may involve a cancellation fee.

i may charge extra for travel depending on the location of the wedding. if the venue is within 50 miles of Rugby, Warwickshire, then there will be no added fee. afterwards it will be £1 per mile each way. so if the venue was 70 miles from rugby, then a £40 fee for milage would be added.

yes, I offer difference packages for fixed times and also overtime past the end performance time.

yes i offer a range of services. please see my services page for more info.

yes, please see a link to an 80s mix i recorded at a live event.

yes, and ive only needed to use them twice in 10 years. once because my son was born, and the other because i had covid. i have a vast network of djs who i can turn to and likewise they turn to me in situations like this.

i handle guests by creating a welcoming atmosphere that encourages everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves on the dancefloor. i also use my experience to read the crowd and adjust the music accordingly to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

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