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dj + LED Dancefloor

the perfect way to start your first dance

How big do they go?

Really big!

With that being said, bigger isn't always better. the most popular option of 16x16 feet. this allows for 60 - 75 dancers. but you don't need a dance floor to cater to "every guest" some will be at the bar, tables, outside and more.


to help you plan more, below is a list of the most common square shape led dance floors in feet. 

12x12 - good for around 35 - 45 dancers

14x14 - good for around 45 - 60 dancers

16x16 - good for around 60 - 75 dancers

18x18 - good for around 75 - 95 dancers

20x20 - good for around 95 - 115 dancers

22x22 - good for around 115 - 135 dancers

24x24 - good for around 135 - 160 dancers

Are We Available?

If you’d like to see if i’m available to DJ your Wedding, just fill in your details and i’ll get right back to you.

If you have any further questions, feel free to visit my FAQs page or pop over a message on my contact page.

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